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Aktor: Ross Marquand
Płeć: Mężczyzna
Włosy: Brązowe
Wiek: Późna 20'stka do wczesnej 30'stki
Pracownik Organizacji Pozarządowej (Przed Apokalipsą)
Osoba rekrutująca innych dla Aleksandrii (Po Apokalipsie)
Rodzina: Eric - Chłopak
Status: Niepewny
Okres życia: "Them" do teraz
Pochodzenie: Kaukańsko-Amerykańskie

Aaron - jedna z najnowszych postaci w The Walking Dead. Jest on rekrutującym dla Aleksandrii. Mieszka on ze swoim chłopakiem Eric'iem.


Aaron jest mężczyzną o białej karnacji, który zamieszkuje osadę zwaną Aleksandria. Ma brązowe włosy oraz niebieskie oczy. Jest on orientacji homoseksualnej, ma chłopaka. Aaron jest typem osoby spokojnej i przyjaźnie nastawionej do innych. Potrafi odróżnić ludzi złych od dobrych, z tego własnie powodu grupa Rick'a mogła wejść do Aleksandrii.

Przed Apokalipsą  Edytuj

O życiu Aarona przed Apokalipsą nie wiadomo zbyt wiele. Wiadomo o nim to, że jest gejem. W dzieciństwie jego matka zmuszała go do jedzenia, zwłaszcza przecieru jabłkowego aby uczynić go "bardziej męskim". Mieszkał on w Waszyngtonie, pracował w Organizacji Pozarządowej gdzie poznał Eric'a. Wkrótce potem zakochali się w sobie. Gdy doszło do wybuchu epidemii Aaron i Eric byli wśród ocalałych z Aleksandrii.

Po Apokalipsie  Edytuj

Sezon 5Edytuj


Kiedy Sasha i Maggie ogladają zachód słońca gdy nagle zza drzewa wychodzi Aaron i ostrożnie zbliża się do kobiet. Wydaje się przyjazny i ostrożny, prosi kobiety o możliwość porozmawiania z liderem ich grupy. Ma dobrą wiadomość...

"[Distance|The Distance]"Edytuj

Aaron revealed to Maggie and Sasha that he has a community not far from their location, and that it's been looking into recruiting surviving outsiders to help maintain their community. Maggie and Sasha bring Aaron to the barn where the rest of their group is. They have taken all his possessions away beforehand. Aaron wants them to come back to his community with him. [Grimes (TV Series)|Rick Grimes], the leader whom Aaron has been monitoring, chooses not to believe him, and tells the group that Aaron has another agenda. Aaron shows them a small set of photographs of his community which he taken as evidence of its existence. As Aaron is explaining what his community is about and emphasizing on its security, Rick punches him in the face, knocking him out. After he wakes up, Aaron remains positive towards the group, complimenting Rick's strength.

Rick asks Aaron about the number of people waiting for him and his group. Aaron responds saying how it does not matter whether he informed him of how many, as it would not affect whether or not he would trust him any more than he does then informs him that there is only one. Aaron also reveals that he and his accomplice have vehicles that they had tried to bring closer to the barn, but had been blocked by the trees. Rick allows [Ford (TV Series)|Abraham Ford], [Espinosa (TV Series)|Rosita Espinosa], [Rhee (TV Series)|Glenn Rhee], [Greene (TV Series)|Maggie], and [(TV Series)|Michonne] go to check out the vehicles, whilst everyone but Rick, who elects stand guard over Aaron and watches his own [Grimes (TV Series)|daughter], scours the area in groups of two to search for anyone else who might be watching. The groups leave, Rick warns Aaron that if his people do not return in one hour, he would kill him. When Judith starts crying, Aaron offers Rick some of the applesauce in his bag. Rick forcefeeds it to Aaron before Judith to ensure it is not poisoned, then cautiously tries it himself before allowing Judith to have some. When everyone returns with the food from Aaron's vehicles, Aaron again tries to persuade them to leave for his community, which Michonne persuades the others to do. He gives them instructions on a clear route, but Rick decides to take an uncleared route at night to keep from being seen by any of Aaron's friends.

Hands tied behind his back, Aaron rides in a car with Michonne, Glenn and Rick to his community. When showing Michonne the pictures from his community, she wonders where the pictures of his people are and grows concerned. She asks him Rick's three questions, in which Aaron reveals he has previously killed a lot of walkers and two people who had tried to kill him first. After the group runs into numerous walkers, the car eventually crashes and stalls due to walker parts in the engine. When a lit flare is seen from afar, Aaron starts to panic, concerned of his partner's safety. He frantically requests for his freedom, but after the group denies him, he starts to become violent, kicking the door open and knocking Michonne over, running off into the forest. The others follow him, with Glenn saving his life when a walker attacks him. Glenn tells him that he can leave if he wants to, but Aaron says that he would prefer if Rick and his group would come with him to safety.

They then save Rick and Michonne from a group of walkers attacking them after Glenn untied Aaron and gave him a weapon to defend himself with. When they arrive at where the flare was fired, they reunite with the rest of the group. Aaron, worried Eric might be injured or even dead, runs inside the garage to find Eric alive but with a broken ankle. The two share an emotional reunion, with Eric surprising Aaron with another license plate, only to have Aaron reveal that he lost them all. Aaron then thanks the rest of the group for saving Eric and tells them they'll leave in the morning. Rick tries to keep him from sleeping next to Eric so that they could not conspire together, but Aaron announces that the only way they would keep him from sleeping alongside Eric was if they were to shoot him.

In the morning, Aaron is in the RV watching over Eric. He tells [(TV Series)|Noah] that at his community, there is a surgeon named [Anderson (TV Series)|Pete] who could try to fix his leg. He is then seen exiting the RV when they reach the safe-zone, leading the way in and helping his boyfriend to the infirmary.


Aaron leads the group into [Safe-Zone (TV Series)|Alexandria] while carrying Eric inside. After letting Eric go off to the infirmary, he stays at the gate with [(TV Series)|Nicholas] as the group enters. Aaron asks that group comply with Nicholas' orders to turn over their weapons, and that they will need to speak to the leader, Deanna. After she spoke with Rick, Aaron guided Rick and Carl to the two vacant houses in the safe-zone, and that he and Eric will be four houses down if Rick or anyone else needs anything.


From the time Aaron and Eric have been home since recruiting Rick's group, he wished for Eric to be retired considering his injury and near-death experience. As for his replacement, Aaron saw fit that Daryl would make an exceptional recruiter, and had Deanna hold off on giving Daryl a role in the community as he needed to observe him more. As he watched him, Aaron knew that Daryl was an outsider to both the safe-zone as well as his own group, much like Aaron.

Aaron goes out of the safe-zone to follow Daryl on one of his hunts and follows him, under the guise of hunting rabbits. When Daryl spots Aaron, he questions Daryl if he can really tell the difference between a good guy and a bad guy. Aaron then joins Daryl on the hunt, during which they come across a wild horse that children of the community have dubbed "[(TV Series)|Buttons]" and Aaron and Eric have been trying to wrangle for months. When Daryl attempts to get Buttons, they are attacked by walkers and flee the area.

Aaron then reveals that he knows how Daryl feels, like an outsider. He goes on to explain how before and even now back at the safe-zone, he and Eric are seen as outsiders because of people's homophobia. Aaron mentions that people fear what they don't understand and that Daryl should join the safe-zone's welcoming party. Soon after, Aaron is attacked by walkers and Daryl rescues him. They come to find Buttons being devoured by walkers, so both Aaron and Daryl kill the walkers, with Aaron shooting Buttons out of its misery.

Aaron goes back to the safe-zone with Daryl but doesn't attend the party so that he can help mend Eric's broken ankle. When Daryl arrives to the Monroe house but declines to go inside, Aaron invites Daryl over for spaghetti dinner. Aaron and Eric then surprise Daryl with a motorcycle and reveal that Eric is retiring and Daryl is to take his place, as Aaron saw that Daryl could handle himself out there, is in need of a friend who understands him, and that like Aaron and Eric he knows the difference between a good and a bad person. Daryl is grateful and forms a friendship with Aaron and Eric.


Aaron can be seen in his car, behind Daryl. The two of them are going on a mission to find new recruits.


Aaron and Daryl are out in the night during their reconnaissance mission when they see something a light off in the distance. They go to investigate it. The next day, while still out in the woods, they find a body ripped apart on the ground and then a walker bound to the trunk of a tree with a 'W' on her forehead. Daryl kills her when she reanimates before they keep moving.


Aaron and Daryl still continue their recruiting mission. The two are following a man with a poncho, smearing mud all over his face. Aaron asks Daryl what the man is doing and Daryl tells him the man knows how to keep the bugs off his body by using the mud. The two continue following the man until they soon lose track of him and come across a seemingly abandoned building with large trucks on the parking lot. The building is gated. Aaron explains to Daryl that they need more food for the people at Alexandria. The two then begin to kill the walkers that are near the place by drawing them to the gates. Finished, they opened the gate, and Aaron is thrilled to have finally find another plate number he has been searching for many times before. One of the trucks of food is locked, so Daryl opens it up, only to be shocked by a stream of walkers swarming from each of the truck, which each were unlocked by Daryl's opening. The walkers close their attention to the two of them, filling the once-empty parking field as they try to reach both him and Daryl. The two are forced to get into a car. As they are searching for a thing to cover up the windows so that the walkers might lose interest by not being able to see food, Daryl finds a note from someone who was trapped in the car before; the note reads: "Don't Stay, Bad People Coming".

Upon finding the note, Daryl and Aaron engage in conversation. Aaron tells Daryl that he knows that Rick and his group were good people, after he saw Daryl telling his group about the barn the night of the storm he had found when he had been alienating himself from the group. Daryl tells Aaron to stay put while he tries to run to the gate and then make a run for it when it was clear, suggesting he sacrifice himself for Aaron, and Aaron refuses to leave him and insists that he will go with Daryl. Daryl gives him a smile and Aaron smiles back. Just a second before the two open the doors, they are rescued by a mysterious survivor, who beats down the walkers effortlessly with his staff. It is revealed to be [Jones (TV Series)|Morgan Jones]. Outside the gates, Aaron introduces himself and Daryl to Morgan, whom neither of the two knows, and asks him to join Alexandria. Morgan declines the offer, stating that he is heading somewhere, and asks for directions instead. As he gives his map to Daryl, Daryl is surprised that the map that Morgan has been using has Rick's name written on it.

The trio returns to the safe-zone late at night, after the death of Deanna's husband, [Monroe (TV Series)|Reg], and just as Rick executes [Anderson (TV Series)|Pete Anderson], the town's surgeon. Rick and Morgan lock eyes in surprise, and Aaron stands in shock behind Morgan as he watches the scene.

[6|Season 6]Edytuj

"[Time Again|First Time Again]"Edytuj

Aaron soon reunited with Eric after witnessing Pete's execution by Rick. After the events that occurred, he and Daryl are officially retired from the recruitment program by Rick, per what happened to them earlier that day by [Wolves|the Wolves]. Aaron and Eric later attend the meeting in Deanna's house led by Rick to discuss the nearby quarry containing a herd that threatens the Safe-Zone. Rick makes a plan to use diversion teams to lead the herd down the road and use a makeshift wall to curve the herd in the other direction. Aaron and Eric go out with the community to dig and build the wall, and later they return to the Safe-Zone.


Shortly after returning to the Alexandria, the Safe-Zone is invaded by the Wolves group. One of the residents, [(TV Series)|Holly], is attacked and stabbed by a member of the Wolves but is rescued by Aaron, Eric, and Rosita. The three bring her into the infirmary to Dr. [Cloyd (TV Series)|Denise Cloyd], who has come out of seclusion after the death of Pete. They group begins to formulate a plan, as Aaron tells Eric that he has to go out there but wants him to stay inside with Holly. When [Porter (TV Series)|Eugene Porter] volunteers to stay inside, Aaron disagrees, but Eugene is permitted to stay.

Aaron and Rosita then go out and flank the houses to take out a few members of the Wolves. He manages to successfully kill one of the members of the Wolves. After the attack, Aaron sweeps the area. Upon approaching Deanna's house, he finds a member of the Wolves with his personal bag that he dropped back at the Del Arno Factory. The bag contained photos and information on Alexandria, and Aaron begins to sob as he realizes that it was his fault that the Wolves were led to Alexandria and that he is indirectly responsible for the deaths in the community.


In the aftermath of the Wolves attack, Rick returned to the safe-zone with a herd following him which soon surrounded the walls. Rick gave a speech to reassure the safety of the citizens, with Aaron by Eric's side, looking concerned at each other. When the people of Alexandria criticized Rick, Aaron stepped up and defended Rick, claiming that Rick knew what he was doing and that his plan is working and that the others will return shortly. Aaron then admitted that he was at fault for leading the Wolves to Alexandria by leaving behind his pack.

Soon after, the citizens began to write the names of those who died in the attack on the wall as a memoriam, and Aaron becomes overwhelmed at the loss of life because of his fault. He then sees Maggie prepare to leave, and insists that he help her escape and find Glenn and the others. He shows her a way into the sewers that goes underneath the wall and outside the safe-zone, and rejects Maggie's pleas to stay behind. When they enter the sewer, they find the exit overrun, and Maggie breaks down. She believes Glenn is dead and that reveals that she's pregnant. Aaron then comforts her.

Later that night, Aaron and Maggie were on post during nightshift. Maggie went down to the memoriam to erase Glenn's name, believing he is still alive. Aaron goes over and with Maggie he erases Nicholas's name. He then jokingly suggests Aaron as a name for the baby, and Erin for a girl's name.

"[Way Out (TV Series)|No Way Out]"Edytuj

When the herd invaded the safe-zone, Aaron got separated from Eric and retreated into the infirmary with Heath and Spencer along with the other wounded while Eric retreated back in their house with Olivia. Aaron helped Denise in when she escaped from the Wolf leader. He assured her that all of her patients were fine.

Meanwhile, Carl was shot and Rick and Michonne were fighting the walkers as they were running to the infirmary. Aaron and Denise spotted them and wondered if he was bitten, and Denise concluded that he wasn't and ordered Aaron, Heath, and Spencer to prep for surgery. Rick and Michonne brought in a wounded Carl and Rick went back out to kill the walkers. Aaron concluded that he needed to go out to help Rick and Michonne, and Heath and Spencer joined them.

The defensive then inspired Eric and Olivia to help and soon the rest of the able-bodied community. Aaron and the others continued as Daryl lit the lake on fire and took out the rest of the walkers. Later that morning, Aaron was joined with Eric alongside the rest of the community outside the infirmary, covered in blood.

"[Tomorrow Yet|Not Tomorrow Yet]"Edytuj

When newcomer [Rovia (TV Series)|Paul Rovia], known as Jesus, brought Rick and members of his group to Paul's settlement, the Hilltop Colony, Aaron helped guard Alexandria alongside Sasha. When Rick returned, he had Aaron and the others go inside the church for a meeting regarding the merger. Rick explained to them the situation of the merger with Hilltop, and their part in the deal being to neutralize the group known as the Saviors and their leader, Negan, who previously attacked Daryl, Abraham, and Sasha. While Morgan suggested a peaceful approach, Aaron stood up and reminded them of the mistakes he made regarding leading the Wolves to Alexandria, and that they couldn't take that chance again. Aaron sided with Rick in killing these Saviors.

The next day, Aaron went out with the battalion. Their plan involved using a walker head double to fool the Saviors into thinking it's Gregory's, the leader of the Hilltop. But Aaron and the others quickly killed the guard outside and began a sneak attack while the Saviors slept. However, an alarm was triggered that resulted in a firefight. Aaron quickly got cornered and was nearly killed by one of the men with a shattered bottle, but he managed to kill him, claiming it would've been him or them. He then regrouped with Rosita as they charged out with the others. Before they headed out, they neutralized a fleeing Savior but soon discovered there were more out there and had Carol and Maggie.

"[Day on Earth|Last Day on Earth]"Edytuj

Aaron insists on going with the group to the Hilltop, and when Rick says no, Aaron tells him the only way to stop him would be by punching him in the face again, so Rick reluctantly allows him to come.

As they set off for the Hilltop, they repeatedly run into blockades of the Saviors stopping them from getting to the Hilltop. Carl asks Aaron why he came, to which he replies that he owes Maggie.

The group encounter another blockade, this time a large pile of logs. The Saviors' captive from earlier is then thrown over the bridge with a chain around his neck. As the man struggled, Aaron suggested shooting the chain or to at least put him out of his misery, but Rick argued that it wouldn't work and they needed to save the bullets. They are then forced to watch him die.

Realizing the Saviors' were always going to be one step ahead, they decided to bring Maggie to Hilltop on foot while Eugene took the RV back home. As Aaron helped carry Maggie to Hilltop, the group began to hear whistles. They started running, the whistles growing louder until they were surrounded by nearly a hundred men, with Eugene and the RV captured. Aaron was forced to give up his weapons and was put onto his knees alongside the others, as well as the captured Daryl, Glenn, Michonne and Rosita.

Negan finally approached the group and delivered a speech how he doesn't wish to kill them, because he wants Rick's group to work for him, but he states that the group needs to be punished for killing dozens of Negan's men. Negan, using his barbed baseball-bat named "Lucille", decides a victim by "Eeny, Meeny, Miney, Mo." A victim was decided and Negan beat their head in while the others screamed in horror, leaving Aaron's fate unknown.

Zabite Ofiary  Edytuj

Lista ofiar zabitych przez Aarona:

  • Buttons (z litości)
  • Dwóch bezimiennych ludzi
  • ok 3 wilków
  • 1 zbawca
  • Niezliczone ilości zombie

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